Our Online Membership provides several remote coaching services, including personalized pacing, technical support, individual performance assessment, and feedback. Our members have weekly access to each of the following programs:

SkiErg, Indoor Rowing, BikeErg & Fan Bike, GPP Fitness, as well as an optional Base/Recovery plan.



Programmed with the same principles and structure as our ROWING program, only here our focus shifts to the Concept2 SkiErg. With at least five training sessions programmed each week, athletes will increase anaerobic and aerobic output, improve stroke power and efficiency, and also build a strong core.




Designed to help any athlete improve their overall capacity on the indoor rower. Athletes will spend as many as five or more sessions each week in a continuous, rolling program. Individuals will work on pacing strategies, engine building, power development, and stroke efficiency. 




Planned as a compliment to indoor rowing and/or SkiErg training, but is also a terrific stand-alone conditioning program for general fitness enthusiasts. Athletes will build their capacity and develop a better understanding of pacing, rpm's, and watts on the BikeErg, Wattbike, Assault Bike, and/or Rogue Echo Bike. Four or more sessions per week.



Built for the general fitness athlete looking to improve their engine within the context of a "met-con". By combining indoor rowing, SkiErg, and indoor cycling with mixed-modal strength movements, our FITNESS program delivers a fun and challenging workout for all fitness levels. Three sessions per week, plus our "Ergathlon of the Week" featuring all 3 C2 machines.