I joined GARAGEATHLETE in November 2018 after trying another online training program and being dissatisfied with the lack of progress and feedback I received. I had been following several GARAGEATHLETE members on IG and competing against others in online rowing competitions. I was impressed with their abilities and was intrigued by what the program could offer me. I originally signed up for a 6 month membership but renewed in May for a full year. Over the course of my first 6 months I improved my 2k row by 11s, 1k by 8s, 500m by 2s, 5k by 2min, 10k by 4min, and HM by 7min.

Coach Justin’s programming has not only helped me get faster and stronger, but it has also increased my aerobic capacity. I have learned how to pace smartly and efficiently and how to use my stroke rate to maximize power output. The online community Justin has created is incredibly supportive and inspiring. As a result, I recently bought a Ski Erg to complement my rowing. Justin and the other GA members have offered guidance on how to improve my ski technique so that now my stroke is much more efficient. Through the GA program, my engine is building and I am loving the journey.



I’ve been following Justin’s programming for a little over a year. In that time I’ve gone from a complete novice on the rower and SkiErg to being relatively competitive at most distances. His programming is precise, measured and intelligent. As long as you stick to his advice and trust the process you’ll get amazing results. Under Justin’s guidance I’ve built my engine and improved my cardiovascular fitness in a way that I could only of dreamed of. I’ve never been fitter!



I’ve been with GARAGEATHLETE for about a year and a half, and being a member of this group has been amazing. First and foremost, Justin’s coaching is second to none. His knowledge, experience & easy-going nature make the hard work on the ergs so much fun even when it’s super challenging. The workout designs are incredible, and I’ve been able to achieve goals I never thought possible. Secondly, the community is so positive & supportive. The other members are themselves incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, but also refreshingly encouraging. I’m so thankful to be a part of this international community."



I signed up for a 6-month membership with GARAGEATHLETE in November 2018 after completing a rowing program from one of my old CrossFit coaches. There was a buzz in the indoor rowing community around GARAGEATHLETE. Having rowing experience mostly limited to CrossFit, I was very eager to really learn more about rowing. I was also searching for a group that would share my passion and obsession with erg screens.

I recently completed 6 months of GARAGEATHLETE training and signed up for a full year. I am blown away by the improvements I've made by following structured programming and simply putting in the work. I placed 4th overall in the Row'd Royalty online rowing competition this year and 1st in my age group. I also took Gold in both the 1K and 500M categories in a local rowing competition. Additionally, all of my benchmarks have improved. I've taken 5s off my 500M, 3s off my 1K, 6s off my 2K, 1.5M off my 10K and 5 minutes off my half-marathon row! As a bonus, my cardio fitness for CrossFit workouts has gone through the roof.

I love that the training sessions are varied, interesting and challenging. The fact that tracks for the SkiErg, BikeErg and even GPP sessions are included is a huge bonus. I've been bitten by those bugs too and now have the Concept2 "trifecta" sitting in my garage. Thanks to Justin's coaching, technique guidance, and training plan on those ergs, this newbie managed to finish in the Top 15 of the Concept 2 Tour de Ski and (briefly ha!) snag an American/World record on the SkiErg erg in the half-marathon.

The GARAGEATHLETE community is the cherry on top. It's a great place to find support, spark friendly competition, figure out how to attack different training pieces, and commiserate over some tough sessions. There are some real heavy hitters in there but everyone is supportive no matter what your level may be.

I am looking forward to continued growth with GARAGEATHLETE and super excited to see what happens next if I put in the work.