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Our mission is to help build robust β€œengines” in our athletes utilizing the full line of Concept2 Indoor exercise equipment as our training centerpieces. By providing several training streams and programming options each week, our online members get the physical and mental flexibility to adjust their training to fit their current goals and needs week to week. It's the combination of training structure and variety that makes our online membership truly unique.

Membership includes:

  • Weekly access to all training plans on private Facebook forum.

  • Online coaching and technical support.

  • Individual assessment on stroke mechanics.

  • Personalized pacing and performance feedback.

Membership Requirements:

  1. An accurate 2k time trial for indoor rower and/or SkiErg

  2. A 20-minute FTP score (for FanBike users), or 4000m time trial (BikeErg only)

  3. Access to one (or all) of the Concept2 machines we use

  4. Access to either a Rogue Echo Bike or Assault Air Bike (or similar fan bike)

  5. A digital camera/phone (for screenshots of training session summaries, and video for feedback)

  6. A Facebook account or valid e-mail address (for training program distribution).

All of our athletes are strongly encouraged to log their results online on the Concept2 Logbook. For smartphone users, downloading ErgData is highly recommended. It makes uploading results easy, and comes equipped with features not available on the Concept2 Performance Monitor (such as a "Stroke Counter").

Almost all of the benchmark tests are active races during the worldwide Indoor Erg season, and rankings are available through the Logbook as well (Rowing, SkiErg, and BikeErg).


How does an Online Membership with GARAGEATHLETE work?

We deliver our programming at the start of each week via a PRIVATE Facebook group forum that only paying members will have access to. Regardless of which of the plans you follow, you will have access to all available programming options (20 or more new workouts every week):

Row PERFORMANCE - 5+ training sessions per week

Ski PERFORMANCE - 5+ training sessions per week

Bike PERFORMANCE- 4+ training sessions per week

General FITNESS - 3 training sessions per week + 1 Ergathlon

Aerobic BASE - 3 training sessions per week 

(For more information on our programs, and to download sample training plans, click here. If you would like to view a sample full week of our training program, please contact us and request one.)

Athletes can complete as many sessions as they feel they can manage in a week. Obviously, all available workouts in 7 days is asking a lot for most people. We are more than willing to help you with your scheduling and provide some guidance as to which sessions to focus on.

The backbone of our training plan currently follows a 52-week schedule that is designed around some key competitions and events on the indoor race calendar. Specifically, the World Indoor Rowing Championships and the Concept2 Tour De SkiErg. These both take place in February. Other challenges and events occur throughout the year, but our main objective each season is to hit our performance peaks around those two events.

We expect members following the programs to post/submit training results for coaching feedback. Simply posting results to the forum, or attaching images/videos in a private message, is more than sufficient. The beauty of the Concept2 Performance Monitor is the simplicity of the session summary screen. It may just look like a bunch of distances and split times, but the data provided on each screenshot is a powerful assessment tool.  It's also important to note that athletes sharing training results and offering feedback on sessions they themselves are also completing makes for a great environment for performance improvement and development. 

For more information on how to get the most out of your online membership, read our frequently asked questions.


The Concept2 Cross-Team Challenge is a monthly virtual team competition that is widely popular among indoor rowers and SkiErg enthusiasts. We encourage our athletes to join our GARAGEATHLETE team, or one of the many online teams and put their training to the test! 

The Concept2 Logbook Challenges provide monthly motivation for athletes. Check them out if you haven't already.

We program our year around various Indoor Rowing Championships (January - February) and the February Tour De SkiErg.

BikeErg/Fan Bike programming will follow a similar schedule. As competitions arise, long term planning will be adjusted.

Our Fitness stream includes an 8-week specific progression prior to the CrossFit Open.