30 Days of Dumbbells


30 Days of Dumbbells


One of the oldest training tools available today, the dumbbell is sadly overlooked and underutilized. Very few training implements offer the versatility and durability that you get with a good pair of DB’s. The sheer volume of movements and variations that can be completed with one or two dumbbells is staggering. Anyone can squat, press, pull, lunge, throw, and carry themselves to a significantly stronger, leaner, and fitter self.

This program is designed for ANYONE who has access to at least ONE pair of dumbbells, and has the willingness to WORK HARD in each and every workout. The weights you choose to utilize are always up to you. Challenge yourself.

Over the next 30-days, we will work through THREE workout types:

INTERVAL workouts consist of several high intensity efforts followed by short rest periods. Our goal is to hit multiple muscle groups in a fast, full-body training session, while simultaneously improving cardiovascular/respiratory endurance.

STRENGTH workouts are simply that…sessions designed to improve muscular strength. We’ll use dumbbell variations of classic lifts, add in accessory movements, and finish with midline stability/abdominal work.

ENGINE workouts are long, and the volume significantly greater. These workouts build character and develop tremendous physical and mental strength.

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DAY 1: Conditioning Test 1


Three rounds of:

 3 Front Squats (DB’s in rack position on shoulders)
 3 Push Press
 100 yard shuttle run
 Rest 1 minute


One round of:
 5 DB Thrusters
 100 yard shuttle run


“Thruster Shuttle”

Complete the following, for time:

 300 yard shuttle run
 21 DB Thrusters
 200 yard shuttle run
 15 DB Thrusters
 100 yard shuttle run
 9 DB Thrusters

The goal in this test is to complete the required work as fast as possible. Although “time” is the variable we are tracking, sacrificing technique to go faster is never an option. If, at any point, you cannot complete the reps, feel free to “rest” during the workout….but don’t stop the clock! The time doesn’t end until the workout is finished! We will need this score later.

Set a pylon (or other turn-around marker) 50 yards away. Run the required distance by going out 50 yards and back 50 yards

The movement starts with the dumbbells on top of the shoulders in a “pressing” position and the athlete squats down until the hip crease is below parallel. The athlete stands up and in one movement, pressing the dumbbells overhead.