Online MEMBERSHIP (3 Month)


Online MEMBERSHIP (3 Month)


3 Month Online Membership (CAD $40/Mo.)

Membership includes:

  • Weekly access to all training plans on private Facebook forum.

  • Online coaching and technical support.

  • Personalized pacing and performance feedback.

Membership Requirements:

  1. An accurate 2k time trial for indoor rower and/or SkiErg or a 4k time trial for the BikeErg.

  2. Access to one (or all) of the Concept2 machines we use

  3. A digital camera/phone (for screenshots of training session summaries)

  4. A Facebook account or valid e-mail address (for training program distribution).

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How does an Online Membership with GARAGEATHLETE work?

We deliver our programming at the start of each week via a PRIVATE Facebook group forum that only paying members will have access to. Regardless of which of the plans you follow, you will have access to all available programming options (20 or more new workouts every week):

Row PERFORMANCE - 5+ training sessions per week

Ski PERFORMANCE - 5+ training sessions per week

Bike PERFORMANCE- 4+ training sessions per week

General FITNESS - 4 training sessions per week

Aerobic BASE - 3 training sessions per week